Chocolate is supreme

Chocolate is healthy food in everyday life. Historically, it was a sanctified superfood for both the body and soul, for this it is "Food of the Gods". Today, chocolate is still considered natural medicine. When it comes to chocolate mysticism and science are intertwined. Ancient civilizations consumed chocolate as a bitter drink with a blend of spices. They knew how important chocolate is in everyday life. Its effect was so powerful that they believed it to be mystic and magic. Yet, all this magic had a scientific explanation. Why does chocolate bring us joy and warmth? Why do we feel at our best at first bite? Isn't it bad to consume a lot of chocolate? What does chocolate bring us in our everyday life?

Chocolate is nourishing

Let's start by saying that consuming a lot of everything is bad. In our minds, chocolate is associated with weight gain, diabetes, and acne. Having said that, chocolate remains an important food in our daily life because it is full of rich compounds that serve the healthy function of our body. Experts recommend 30-60g of more than 60% cocoa or higher daily. We recall that the ancients had the chocolate bitter, so the more we are close to raw cocoa beans the more it's beneficial. The more we add sugar, milk, and sweetness, the less favourable chocolate becomes. However, it remains an indulging treat. So, chocolate is to be consumed wisely and moderately. Chocolate is full of nutrients and antioxidants that are of high importance to our bodies.

What does chocolate do to our bodies?

1- It brings us joy. One bite of chocolate bounces us into a euphoric feeling. The component of chocolate enhances endorphin's secretion. It is the hormone responsible for our happiness. Thus, it relaxes us and reduces pain, stress, or any negative feeling.

2- It fosters blood flow. Dark chocolate will increase blood flow to the brain which will amplify our memory and our brain function. It applies to both young and adult. It is even more beneficial for the elderly, as it increases cognitive functions.

3- Is a rich source of antioxidants. Dark chocolate increases HDL (the good cholesterol) and decreases LDL. It prevents oxidative stress that for instance contributes to rapid aging.

4- It reduces the risks of heart diseases. Chocolate lowers blood pressure and prevents cholesterol from blocking the arteries.

5- It protects our skin from sun damages. Since dark chocolate boosts blood flow, it improves skin density and hydration.

6- Consider dark chocolate in case of the iron deficit as it is an immense source of iron.

7- Craving coffee? try to replace your caffeine intake from coffee by having dark chocolate. Theobromine is a compound that stimulates your nervous system just like caffeine but lighter.

And to our souls?

A happy spirit lies in a healthy body. Extraordinarily, chocolate is a heart opener. It purifies the heart from toxic and stimulates beautiful sensations such as joy, warmth, and love.

By boosting our blood flow, chocolate enhances our creativity and our focus. We feel that our ability to learn is limitless and our physical capacity is just more profound.

Energy keeps overflowing, our practices become deeper and more intense. It calms our brain and our nerves and brings us to a state of complete zen. We become more connected to ourselves, to others, to nature, and life.

The ancient civilizations didn't have the medical and scientific knowledge we have today but they knew how potent and important chocolate was for their health and their souls in their everyday life. Mayans did not take it for granted when they used it in ceremonies as a divine drink. They revered the God of Cacao and believed that cacao "is the water that runs through the heart".

What is chocolate in our everyday life? It is a blessing, natural medicine for our bodies, and a cure that brings peace to our souls.