Our Story


Walking on a windswept beach in the Scottish Highlands on a Sunday afternoon in the middle of summer, Àmer Wahoud a.k.a (À) & his friend G. Campbell Gray were casually observing how much they would enjoy a cup of steaming hot chocolate at that very moment.

À had dreamed all his life of creating a bespoke chocolate brand, hence, he decided to launch the world’s most exciting new chocolate label, a lifestyle brand, naming it Sunday in Scotland, in a nod to that fateful afternoon spent along the Scottish coast. And perhaps also as a nostalgic tribute to those long-ago childhood Sundays when it was permissible to break the rules with a hint of decadence.

Entrepreneur Àmer Wahoud, who created and founded Sunday in Scotland, professes a lifelong love of chocolate. He created an eco-conscious, zero-waste, handcrafted chocolate brand.

In addition to his involvement in the international art scene, and he has been successful in the food and beverage industry where he experimented with the latest gastronomic trends. Yet chocolate was always foremost in his mind. With Sunday in Scotland, he didn’t set out to create just another chocolate brand: he wanted to reinvent the entire chocolate experience with special, unique, one-of-a-kind chocolates – A distinctive lifestyle brand.

À’s lifestyle philosophy is the meticulous commitment to quality in everything he does.

Malta, the Mediterranean archipelago where À lives, served as the launching pad for the nascent chocolate brand. The first Sunday in Scotland boutique opened here in 2018, and it offered visitors a new way to experience chocolate. Inside the store, the heady fragrance of freshly prepared chocolate pervades the air, in a space that exudes artistry and exclusivity.

Sunday in Scotland offers handmade chocolate using the finest cocoa beans available. There is no mass production, no corporate push, and no desire to rush after the latest trend. Rather, the focus is on quality, essence, and absolute perfection. Each bite you take is as sinful as heaven, so good that you’ll want that flavour to endlessly linger on your palate.

With its artistic packaging, exquisite flavours and ruthless pursuit of perfection, Sunday in Scotland will forever change the way you savour chocolate.